Thursday, 28 June 2012

“Original thinking is good for business”

I don’t know about you but I find writing original thoughts on a piece of blank paper (albeit electronic paper, so to speak) very challenging and yet very rewarding. Somewhere in that very simple thought are, I hope, the seeds for this blog…

At the end of my last piece I said I’d get back to you regarding this        idea which surely everyone in business has heard of – namely that
the arrangement of two ears and one mouth which we’re all blessed
with at birth is perfectly aligned to the ratio in which they should
be used in relationship building. It’s so appealing to me for a
number of reasons:

·         I love it because over the years it has helped me to build strong links with clients I have come to respect, befriend and learn from

·         It encourages proactive listening which is a device for mining intelligence that even the prospect may not know he or she possesses until encouraged to share by the respectful blanket  of listening he or she is gently wrapped in

·         The observance of the 2:1 rule gives you time to think so that when you do get your turn to contribute there is a far greater chance of saying something which is not only intelligent but also aligned with or mirroring the information you just received

·         It’s impossible to do this without a very good chance of enjoying the process of relationship building and your up-beat mood will be conveyed clearly to your considerable advantage by your body language

·         And finally the greatest attribute of all regarding this dictum is that it encourages mutual respect and fosters the ability to weigh all arguments fully before coming to a decision

So I think I’ve just found the link to the start of this blog – going into a conversation with both ears fully open is a bit like writing from scratch on a beautiful white sheet of paper. You don’t know where your thoughts are going to take you, you are prepared to sift, weigh and analyse before you commit to forming and expressing your own opinion. I recommend you try it – the blogging and the 2:1 thing. Very often we miss opportunities to learn from simply thinking, listening or reflecting and the answers coming from these types of sources are often far more valuable and offer much more insight than you might imagine.

Oh and don’t forget, you’ll be able to say it’s all your own work and the results will be there forever for you to enjoy and for all to see and share. Just for a change, don’t google it – think or consult, stand back and see what happens!